Thursday, March 3, 2011

I'm going to Christie Repasy's Studio & Vintage Marketplace this Saturday!

Ever since I first heard about Christie's  Studio & Vintage Marketplace earlier this year, I've been waiting for the day to arrive and am SO EXCITED to be going!  Colleen and Carol are two ladies I work with who I've invited along -- they also love shabby chic and especially Christie's artwork -- and this event is practically all we can talk about. 

Because my small car will seat the three of us, but surely won't carry everything we plan on buying, I've rented a mini-van and we are going to see about removing all the seating but enough for the three of us in hopes of packing that thing full of purchases!  It will be a long drive from west L.A. all the way toward San Diego to Christie's place in Fallbrook, but we are sure it will be worth every minute of our trek on the infamous 405 freeway. 

My camera battery is charging so I can take pictures at the event, and I've already hit the ATM and withdrawn wads of cash.  I am sure I will have no problem spending all of it! 

Hoping to be back here on Sunday to post pictures of the event, as well as photos of my first ever online Purchase Review™ (a/k/a Review of Purchases™) of my loot.

Stay tuned!


Sharon (Roses and Rust) said...

Oh I wish I could come along. Hope you have a fun day and I'm looking forward to seeing what you bring home!

pamq said...

Oh my goodness!

Does it ever sound like you have a fun time planned!!!

And you rented a van! You really are plotting to do some serious damage!

Can't wait to see your photos!!!

romance-of-roses said...

Hi, I went today Friday, WOW! didn't want to leave. We had lunch and returned for more shopping. It's a good thing you have lots of cash.