Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Blogger Problems? Join the club! + A Possible Solution?

Ack! Aaagggghhhh! Ack!  No, I am not coughing up a hairball, rather, that is my anguished cry of frustration due to problems I (and many others) have been having with Blogger for DAYS now!  Not sure what your problems are with it, but please do let me know in the Comments section (IF you can actually comment) if yours are the same as mine ...  I think I have my comments set so you can post anonymously if you cannot comment through your own blog.

I did not have problems during the May 13th Blogger outage, as I am a very infrequent poster so that issue passed me by with no problems, and I didn't (I don't think, at least) lose any content.  However, for at least the better part of the last WEEK, I've been having sign-in and comment problems.  

Where is my giant red circle with a slash through it when I need it?

In the past, when I would sign in to Blogger, the upper right side of my computer screen would say "thesterlingcherub [at] gmail {dot} com     New Post    Design    Sign Out" which always let me know that I was correctly signed into Blogger.  Now whenever I sign in, my screen just says "Create Blog    Sign In" which is WRONG!  I can get to my dashboard and redesign elements, and I (think I) can (still) post, and I can follow other blogs via their Google Friend Connect, but I cannot comment on other blogs as myself from my blog, which is SO frustrating!

I have gotten a few new Friends in the past several days (thank you so much, folks! I really appreciate it!), so it appears people can follow me, but I am not sure if they can comment on my blog as the last comment I got from an identified person was dated May 21.

It should be noted that all of issues, above, are "known" to Google, but it appears NO ONE from Google is addressing any of them!  The list of problems relating, or similar, to the sign in and comment issues is LONG, and no one from Google has posted an update on what they are doing to fix it, or any information to let us know if Blogger got hacked, or what. Their last comment was essentially "we're working on it," posted back on May 24, I think. Way to go, Google!  /sarcasm\

My frustration is because I work in an industry (law) where if something goes horribly awry, you FIX IT IMMEDIATELY and communicate to everyone what you are doing almost every step of the way, or face the consequences, some of which can be bad.  That said, I chose law over medicine, because at least if we make a mistake, 95% (or more) of the time it can be corrected or salvaged and nobody dies! The same cannot often be said about medicine.

A Possible Solution?

Anyhow, these problems have continued even though I updated my browser from Internet Exploder Explorer 8 to Internet Exploder Explorer 9 (shout-out to my friend V who detests IE).  I do recall seeing somewhere where someone said installing Google Chrome might help with the sign in and comments issues.  That is just what I've done, and it appears (fingers, toes, arms, legs, and eyes crossed) that using Google Chrome as a browser solves the problems.  

If any of you are having the problems I mentioned, maybe installing Google Chrome as a browser to use for your blog will work for you?  Good luck!

I'm just trying to ...
Keep Calm


Blog On!


High Street Cottage said...

Hope you get it sorted soon, Kim, we miss you, xxx

Love of the Sea said...

Hi there - Maybe that is why I am not having the same problems...I am on a MAC so I use Safari. I will say several people emailed me and said they were having issues leaving comments - and I changed my blog to accept comments in a pop up window and that seemed to fix it. Strange stuff huh? I hope it gets fixed soon!!

Stephanie @ Home said...

Hi! On my MAC I don't have any problems but I have noticed that I can't comment or see GFC when I'm on my droid phone. So I guess it is some sort of an internet browser issue. I hope everything gets sorted out soon. Thanks for posting and sharing what's worked for you.

Amy @MaisonDecor said...

I use google chrome and have no problems with sign in etc, although I did have the disappearing post issue last month!

sap migration said...

Thanks so much! I'm a newbie in blogging and this seems quite useful for people like me. Also, the headline pictures is amazing, I copied it to be my wallpaper at work!